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Growing without soil

Plants can be grown hydroponically without the use of soil. Usually it involves using a soilless medium, such as Rockwool and Hydroton mixed with water. When done correctly, growing without soil can be extremely rewarding and cost effective. Ask a local expert how to grow

Water Culture

Water culture is a major determining factor when growing plants hydroponically. Obtain the appropriate hydroponics system to mix your water and nutrients. Follow the appropriate nutrition guide to obtain maximum yields. Each plant requires specific water and solution mixtures to reach optimal results. The nutrient solution you use to cultivate plants should already contain all the nutrients necessary. In order to maintain your system, you must change the water solution regularly. In addition, the plants will require the water to maintain an optimal pH range. The water solution will need to be at a temperature that allows aeration. There are plenty of ways you can maintain your water mixture. You will use similar equipment to that used in aquariums. Ask a local expert how to grow

Aggregate Culture

Aggregate culture uses solid media to cultivate plants without soil. There are many different types of materials used in this process. Sand, Gravel, Rockwool, and Hydroton are a few of the more widely used materials. There are many other materials you can use, depending on your hydroponic system. Chose the appropriate system after you decide what type of plant you will be growing. Ask a local expert how to grow

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